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Top 10 the most dangerous countries in the world to live in (2013/2014) Personal Review

Let me be clear. In this world I understand very little, least of all the world politics, but it doesn't exclude the opportunity to comprehend the situation in the world. Draw upon the inspiration from my teacher, which says: "There is no stupid quiestions in the world, there'are too many foolish answers.." I've decided to write an article on "The Most Dangerous Countries in the World to live in". Because this aspect is interested by many people people around.
First of all I want to say that I'm not a professional journalist, public officer, whatever. I'm just a student, with indifferent heart.
Second, is that I want to note about effects of war to a human society...

Wars break out for various reasons. There are wars between countries or nations and within the nation. The latter is generally known as a civil war and can occur as a result of differences based on race, religion, socio-economic dissatisfaction among others. Whether wars are waged between countries (interstate) or inside the country between different sections of the communities, the effects are very damaging.
According to experts, the main reasons or factors that contribute to wars are human greed for wealth and intolerance towards the other. Many world leaders in fact believe that the main reason America invaded Iraq was for its oil wealth. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians as well as American and Iraqi soldiers have been killed, injured or maimed. During the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s, there were more than 1 million casualty figures with millions injured. The attack on the American World Trade Centre on 11 September 2001 killed close to three thousand people and the subsequent reprisal on Afghanistan by American forces killed thousands of people in that country. World War 1 and World 11 combined have claimed millions of lives and in the African continent, tribal wars and regional wars continue to occur.
The civil war between the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda tad claimed more than 3 million lives and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, more than 3 million people have died due to conflict between warlords. Many countries especially in Africa are still embroiled in tragic wars.
The effects of war are both physical and psychological. Human societies are deeply affected by wars as residential areas, public infrastructure, hospitals and the very basis of human existence are destroyed. Malaysia too experienced war when it was once occupied by the Japanese and people faced many hardships and challenges to meet their basis needs. The Japanese only surrendered when the unconventional weapons or better known as nuclear weapons were used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which took thousands of lives and maimed as well crippled thousands of people exposed to radiation. Thankfully, most warring nations still use conventional weapons like grenades, rockets and otters which do not inflict that kind of damage as nuclear weapons.
Wars bring untold miseries as well as political and economic instability. People's lives and daily existence come under threat. It would be difficult to find jobs or live our normal day-to-day existence. Populations are displaced and have to constantly move about for security. What is happening in Darfur, Sudan is a dire reflection of the tragedy wars bring. Some are scarred emotionally and physically for life.
Thus, humans must avoid wars at all cost. The only way we can protect our lives and ensure stability in our country is to practice tolerance and respect for each otter. Or else, we too would become extinct like the dinosaurs! 

And here is my personal TOP 10 of the world's the most dangerous countries (2013/2014)

      10) Honduras.

The place has been long deprived of economic and political stability since the time the place was devastated by worst floods which had destroyed its infrastructure. With increased crime and rates the place devastated an origin of terrorism and violence. Honduras has been reported to have highest killing rates in the world where recently thousands of people have been brutally murdered. 

     9) Zimbabwe. 

With high level of inflation and corruption at every level, Zimbabwe the place is popular for nurturing high levels of crimes and violence. This situation is such that the instability and crime rates have become a common site and practice in the country where the law and order seem to be practiced to the minimal so much that an attorney might have nothing to work on.

     8) Yemen. 

Once a well-known tourist destination, the place attracted good number of tourists from around the globe. But the recent political developments and events made the militants overpower everything in most part of the country. Ever since then, the innocent tourists have been their victims. Kidnapping tourists and locals for bring ransom in common news.

     7) Nigeria.

Nature has blessed Nigeria with breath taking natural visuals and wild life. Nigeria is a very tempting place for tourists as the place of natural, beautiful and has a wide variety of flora, fauna and wild life. However the tourism industry in this country is facing disappointungly worse conditions as there are constants threats to be kidnapped by militant groups. These groups have grown so powerful that the central authorities appear to be helpless in dealing with these conditions. The very increasing terrorism spread by the militants and frequent threats of kidnappings, have unfortunateky made Nigeria the place unpopular for people, as once caught up with the incidences there would not be any attorney to fight for you, as in most cases even the officials are lephless.

     6) Haiti.

Haiti has seen and experienced some of the worst natural calamities within a gap of two or three years. Firstly, the earthqauke has proved to be deadly as thousand people were died and became homeless, earthquakes contributed in destroying the livelihood of common man and had left them deprived of shelter and basic amenities. Secondly, the government has failed in controlling the situation and even helping their own people. The sudden death of a large number of populations was the worst which shook the world. The place is badly hit by epidemic cholera and many such health related problems for its inhabutants. Moreove such bad conditions over these years have fostered crime rate and violence which further endangers the peace and prosperity of native people.

     5) Sudan and South Sudan.

With the independence of South Sudan, the stability and security of  this region has become over worse. Although the place is independent now, the political deadlock between two governments has left the citizens to suffer in great misery and the events of violence, terrorism, serial killings, rapes have become frequent. The government has not been able to control the situation of law and order and as a result the degree of violence and terrorism kept increasing. People are living in the most unpredictable and life threating surrounding, where serial killings and theft is normal. 

    4) Afghanistan. 

Since Afghanistan has been the center of global terrorism, as the popular base Al-Qaeeda - like a home of global terrorism, and militant and violent Talibans have made their hidden centers in this country and operate from there, Afghanistan has been the most popular destination for militants than normal people. The security conditions of this country have become too worst to live a peaceful life. The people of Afghanistan have been  always exposed to dealy and uncertain living conditions, have been subject to face deadly consenquences of global war against terrorism and have put their lives at stake. 

     3) Iraq.

Ever since the intrusion of the US Military troops, the security conditions in Iraq has deteriorated drastically. The condition of Iraqis has grown bad to worst with no security or protection at all. The interested groups have become more like militants group and are violent in nature as well. The particular interest groups have assumed the shape of militant groups and put their demands before the authorities in a violent way. The regular suicide bombings and target killings and kidnappings all put together have made the place the most violent for anyone from outside to live or even visit Iraq.

      2) Syria.

The effects of Arab Spring are still visible, and has left many countries of the world including Syria in worst conditions ever. Syria has been withnessing troublesome period at the hands of militant groups. It is observed that these violent activities are largely carried out in the wake of certain violence which has put the lives of thousands of its inhabitants in danger. The place is inhibited by militant groups from a long time, making it very hard for the common man to survive. While the militants don't seem to be getting under control and the government almost failing to manage their activities, Syria poses high degree for any outsider. 

     1) Somalia. 

The first thing, when we hear about this country is PIRATES...and truly they do dominate the country with their activities. Somalia is largely known all around the globe for its dangerous pirates. These pirates have beem the real bone of contention in countries peace. They are involved in robbery, thefts, and human trafficking. Moreover, the political conditions in the capital of the cpuntry are also not very encouraging where murders, shootings and violence have become a routine matter of day to day life. These dangerous events have put the lives of inhabitants under great dangers and they find no peace to live their lives in harmony. Somalia is inficted and home for drug traffickers. mafias and militants where crimes such as open murders, day light shooting and violence is a common sight. The most dangerous country to live in the world is Somalia.