воскресенье, 5 августа 2012 г.

The World's Best Airlines

There are many airlines in the world, most of them are doing pretty well in order to provide better and better facilities to their passengers. It is good to see the airlines competing on better services to passengers and their business is getting better every year. Here is the top  list of airlines:
1. Asiana Airlines       
The second-largest airline of South Korea won the first position. This Airline offers Luscious Korean meals, wide-ranging in-flight entertainment and, most delightful flight attendants who do magic on their passengers by their pleasant attitude and caring nature.

2. Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines managed to hold second place for the second year in a row. The most consistent airline in regards to the services offered and comfortable plush seats, . It was also awarded, “Best Business Class Seat,”  ”Best Airline in Southeast Asia.” and “World’s Best Cabin Staff.

3. Etihad Airways 
It is relatively new but very innovative in its services,  this airline received a leading spot in the first-class cabin and catering categories. This Abu Dhabi-based airline is going to reach the top of the list very soon.

4. Air New Zealand 
It is  voted  as ” The Best Carrier in Australia/Pacific.”

5. Qantas
The Australia’s oldest and largest airline is still doing fine but needs to do more to cope up with others in the list.

6. Emirates
 It is still one of the most travelled airline in the world. it has a web of routes around the globe and offers amazing entertainments services which for the sixthyear, considered the best in flight entertainment.