суббота, 4 августа 2012 г.

Alice in Wonderland

The Diamond Dining group has seven different fantasy theme restaurants in Ginza, where everything (interior, wait
 staff,food, drinks etc.) blends in to the theme.  I have never been in Japan, but the first place where I  will go as soon as I'm there is Alice in Wonderland restaurant. It is the most  incredible restaurant, i have ever seen.
On the continuum of Japanese cosplay, the character of Alice trails the French Maid in terms of sexiness, but is well ahead of Bo Peep. So it's a good thing that the Alice In Wonderland restaurant keeps things family-friendly. True, you are served by a battalion of waitresses, all dressed like Alice. But plenty of other touches keep the atmosphere from becoming totally creepy: bunny tails on the chairs, a big clock against one wall, and a Mad Hatter Tea Party room over which towers a giant lamp   that contrasts with a tiny version at the entrance. Some appetizers come served on a chessboard, and the pizzas are done up like playing-card soldiers. Try the Green Caterpillar tuna and avocado sushi roll, or the cute Mock Turtle Mimosa Salad.