суббота, 4 августа 2012 г.

L'art Du Mugham- Between Music And Poetry

Mugham is a symbol of Azerbaijan's traditional culture. Much more than music played with traditional instruments following a precise style, it is also poetry, inspiration, and improvisation   

There are several ingredients to this art: the musical instruments used during each of the performances and the poetry.
 The three key instruments used in this type of musical expression are the kamancha, a four-stringed, spiked fiddle, the tar, a long-neck, lute-shaped plucked string instrument played in the horizontal position, and the gaval, a type of a large tambourine. The poetry, the second ingredient, supplies each Mugham piece with lyrics. This is usually classically written poetry, such as gazal or bayati, which features recurring themes such as love, mysticism, sorrow, and pain.
Each piece is based on a typical melodic model with different combinations, and each of the performances or improvisations might last from half an hour to several hours.           

Be it because of a love for art, an interest in different cultures, or pure inspiration, listeners continue to be attracted to Mugham which is growing in popularity across the world.

 You can enjoy Mugham online: http://muzzaz.net/