суббота, 4 августа 2012 г.

Italia - Country to visit

Italy is one of my favorite countries in the world.  It is a beautiful country with with old architecture, beautiful countryside, and many famous resorts such as Portofino, Cinque Terre, Como and others.

The cuisine is exquisite. Italy is known for its cheeses, sausages, hams, and wines, as well as for many prepared dishes from its widely varying regional cuisines. Cheeses include Parmesan, Romano, mozzarella, and gorgonzola. Sausages include pepperoni  and sopressata. Some of the dishes for which it is known include pizza, pasta in a wide variety of shapes and prepared with a wide variety of sauces,polenta, risotto, gnocchi, and antipasto

If you haven't been to Italy yet, i would definitely recommend you to visit! For now you can enjoy a photo tour of Italy - the country's breathtaking landscapes, exquisite cuisinehot beaches and snow-capped peaks.